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Ask Emmett # 21 – Emmett in Video Games?

Sorry for the Delay!  I’m back, with another Podcast.  Now responding to questions on Facebook as well.  Enjoy.

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Glossy Photos Available

We’ve stood for photos in the most dignified poses we could think of. Check out the new ALBUM section to see our gorgeous mugs up close!

Fritz on Spore Creature Creator

So here’s Fritz too! Video is available in the Ask Emmett Podcast Feed.

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Take a Sick Day, Because They’re Back!

iTunes has All the Episodes

It had to do with the way I managed this web site, but now all the episodes of Ask Emmett can be found on iTunes. Enjoy! I look forward to hearing some kind of feedback from somebody…

Scarebird on Spore

There’s also a nice feral version of Scarebird from Spore Creature Creator….  In lieu of getting you part 2 of the Traveling Emmett’s adventures.

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Emmett The Crab on Spore

Here’s a little self-portrait with Spore Creature Creator.  I’ve also got a video in the podcast feed.

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Still Busy… Sorry Again

This painting project is taking a lot longer than we thought.  Also, Scarebird was supposed to be here to ask his question personally, but he’s apparently not ready yet.  Next week perhaps.  Expect Big things.

So Sorry…

No Podcast This Week

Since we’ve been neglecting a lot of more mundane things, like housework, paying bills, taking care of rental property, we need to take a break from Ask Emmett this week.  There is still at least one more planned for the year 2003. There’s also been some recent feedback and questions that Emmett needs to take into account.

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No.. You Tube!

Scuttling Grounds…


Ask Emmett The Crab 3rd episode is now available both on YouTube and on MySpace.  You’ve got no excuse for not seeing this podcast!  Check it out or you’ll be sorry.


These are new scuttling grounds for Emmett The Crab.